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International Business Law

Defence and assistance in legal proceedings


Defence and assistance in front of the French jurisdictions of international economic actors

Determination of the competent jurisdiction, determination of which law or rule of law to apply, administration of proceedings in case of incompetence of French jurisdictions, substantive defence, following and managing of the execution of court decisions, …


Procedural assistance in front of international jurisdictions of French economic actors

Analysis of dossier and the applicable law, choice and connection with a locally competent lawyer to take up the proceedings, following of the defence of French actor’s interests, managing of the enforcement of court decisions, …

Judicial Advices and Assistance


Drafting of international agreements on behalf of French economic actors

In accordance with the needs of each economic actor, choice of the applicable law, the competent jurisdiction, the INCOTERMS, transfer of risks, the use of arbitrary clauses, …


Drafting of Partnership Agreements

Creation of new legal entities, joint venture, European societies, …


Employment of workers from overseas and in overseas

Posting and expatriation of workers, …


Drafting of agreements on behalf of international economic actors

Drafting of service contracts, outsourcing contracts, accomplishment of formalities to implement these contracts, establishment of international economic actors in France, accomplishment of prior and / or subsequent formalities, …