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The Fees

The fees are calculated based on the complexity and the hours spent on each case. The individuality of each file does not enable to offer a unique tariff for the services.

In order to simplify the relationship to our clients, we offer a first consultation of an hour at the rate of 200 € excl. taxes (240 € VAT) during which the issue of fees will be addressed.

At the end of this first exchange, the firm will be able to offer you a rate adapted to your situation:

  • Either a fixed rate adapted to the complexity of your case;
  • Or a billing (invoice) according to the real time spent at an hourly rate of 200 € excl. taxes (240 € VAT).

The first consultation will hereby be included in the fees calculated for the handling of your affair.

In any case, the relationship between a client and a lawyer is formalised by a fees agreement and / or engagement letter. Unique for each dossier, the fees agreement and / or engagement letter governs the conditions of billing and payment.

Based on the value of the litigation, a performance-related fee (contingency fee) calculated in determination of the result obtained might be imposed in complement of the basic fee.

The fees are paid according to the indications on the agreement signed with the lawyer. In most cases, it is possible to pay the fees as mentioned below :

  • a provision will be due to open the file,
  • then, the services will be billed as they are accomplished,
  • the total balance will be due in its extension at issue of the summary invoice.